What types of bicycle helmets are there and which is the most popular in 2023?

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Our guide and recommendations to your next bicycle helmet

When it comes to bike helmets, you have a lot of options. From full-face mountain bike helmets to road bike helmets and everithing in between, no matter what type of cyclist you are, there's sure to be something that fits your needs.

In 2023, some of the most popular bike helmet styles will be lightweight multi-sport helmets and hard shell urban bike helmets that feature adjustable-size fit systems and plenty of ventilation. Whether you’re looking for the best bike helmets or just a good quality bike helmet, these types of helmets can provide the ideal amount of style, protection, and comfort according to your personal preference and lifestyle.


Race Bike Helmet Abus

Racing helmets

They are designed for high-speed road cycling, these helmets focus on safety, minimal weight and wind resistance. These are usually the lightest helmets on the market. Our personal favourite brand is ABUS - here you get the right quality! 


Mountain bike (MTB) helmets

Fullface bike helmet or MTB helmet

These helmets have more coverage around the back of the head, because that's where you typically see the damage when riding mountain bike in the woods.

The optimal protection at the back of the head makes an Mountain biking helmet worth considering if you like the wild off-road racing in the woods. A good MTB helmet for children, which is gaining popularity, is a full face helmet, which also has extra protection for the chin. 


Skater helmet or BMX helmet

Skater helmet (BMX)

These helmets were originally designed for skateboarding and BMX biking, but that's really mostly for design reasons. Skater helmets don't have as many ventilation holes, so there's plenty of room to make some cool designs. You should be aware that the specifications of skater helmets can vary a lot. We recommend that you do not choose ABS shells (but opt for inmould) because of the weight and make sure that the helmet has a adjustment system in the neck so that the fit can be adapted to the individual user headsize.


Commuter Helmets or Urban bike helmets

Commuter helmets or 'urban bike helmet'

These helmets are designed for everyday cycling to and from work or education, and often have a more streamlined design with a focus on comfort and functionality.  Many bike commuters prefer these helmets because they are lightweight and have plenty of ventilation holes. When it comes to commuter bike helmets, look for ones with a secure retention system so that the helmet fits snugly on your head and does not slip off when you’re riding.


Crazy Safety Dinosaur Bike Helmet for kids

Bicycle helmets for children:

These helmets are specifically designed for children and come in a variety of sizes, designs and qualities. The hardest part is finding the right size helmet for your child, because you can't automatically say that an 8-year-old wears "X" size. See further down the article how to measure your child's head size. Most importantly, make sure you find a helmet that your child will definitely love to use. Now is your chance to teach your child good habits, so ditch the boring helmet that fits poorly, but also invest in a helmet that your child loves and that has good comfort. Our best suggestion is to take a look at the Crazy Safety Animal helmets.


Ebike helmet

E-bike helmet

When you're whizzing along at 15 miles an hour with no fuss because the electric motor does most of the work, it's important to have the right helmet. An e-bike helmet is characterised by fewer ventilation holes, and the best helmets also have a visor. Here it's worth noting for spectacle users that you need to be aware of whether there is room to wear glasses inside the visor.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of bicycle helmets and each one is designed to meet the specific needs of each discipline. Depending on the activity you want to do with your bike, we recommend that you choose the right helmet for it to improve your safety. In this guide you can see how to choose the best bike helmet for your child, it also applies to adult helmets!


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